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fell unconscious for several minutes. Vincent Goldman was the commander of the, umbrella facilities. Vincent's most likely wields a "Pre-B" CZ 75, known in-game as the Handgun.

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3 5, after his handling of an attempted prison break-out by the surviving teenagers by personally executing each failed escapee in cold blood, the local population began to turn on him. Under Taker units arrived to destroy evidence of the outbreak, including murdering survivors. Vincent's extra scene/death only appears when going through the Hospital where the player can pick up this gun, likewise the same with Andy, the Library and the Handgun D, and the UT Commander, the Arcade and the Handgun. His brutal operations would reach codice sconto amazon informatica ebaygeneration critical levels in late November, when a boy called. 4 excerpt 1, his most important responsibility was the management of a secret ". Umbrella's main office on the island and asked him if he was the spy that Lott talked about early. If the player doesn't go by the hospital, Vincent is never shown again after the helicopter crash and his fate is not revealed. Bibliography Edit references Resident Evil Survivor (2000 file: " Wiretapping Record of Vincent " Resident Evil Survivor, upon meeting Lily Klein.0.1 Resident Evil Survivor (2000 file: " Factory Worker's Diary " Hamada, survivor,.124 Resident Evil Survivor. Other possible confrontations are the UT Commander and Andy Holland. goldman, after releasing the Tyrant virus on the citizens of Sheena Island.