sconti woocommerce bulk upload attributes

import that comes with the default install. Bug fix: html tags were stripped for custom fields on save. Now the product update WebHook is triggered. Create products and variations. If you copy the row headers I believe they have all the values currently used by the importer. You can see on the first line we are triggering a function find_wordpress_base_path.

The manual installation method involves downloading our plugin and uploading it to your Web Server via your favourite FTP application.
OR via FTP upload : Upload woocommerce -bulk -attribute-manager folder to the.
Complex products with many attributes may confuse your customers with their amount of different attributes values.

All the documentation is old on this so some of the column headers are bad. Note 2 Custom fields should not contain any intervals. Function Revert selected added. Since we moved the script outside of the web accessible directory this isnt possible anyways, but the if-condition above makes sure of that. Updated the headers declaring WooCommerce support.